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The Most 5 Useful Tips to be a Good Developer.

The Most 5 Useful Tips to be a Good Developer.

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Wanna be a good dev? Yeah, I'm sure you will become one! Most of the time I've looked for some "Magic" formula to be good at coding. But these are in my opinion, the most underrated tips which many developers still don't apply.

Participate in blogs or dev social media.

Did you know that it's a lot easier to learn something that we can explain? So If I go to StackOverflow for example and write a comment to answer a question, I kill two birds with one stone. I actually help the developer who asked the question, and I make a personal effort to do some research in order to give a good quality answer. In my case, sometimes I publish articles here or on

Look at what the best are doing.

You have billions of good-quality public source code on the web. Wanna study how to make high quality line of codes? Yeah, Github is for you. Inspect, clone, try and experiment with the open-source, I have done this when I was learning how to render some markdown files in Next.js with React MDX. That day I also found a very useful way to manage layouts in Next.js, so again, two birds with one stone.

Read good books.

Most of the time the book marketplace is plenty of a specific coding language book, you can search and look only for the very very best sellers if you don't have too much time to read, but I recommend you to read a least one book for every new technology you learn. In my case for example, when I was learning Node.js I read this:


Create an open-source project.

This is probably the most underrated tip. Many developers say: "Why I need to make an open-source project? I don't have any idea for projects...". Well, the reality is: if you don't have any idea, try to replicate an existing project with some enhancements, or simply publish some testing projects to the world. By doing this you will archive the mindfulness of doing something public, so anyone can potentially open an issue with a bug in your code or some "bad suggestion", and you find yourself almost forced to do things right.

Ps: in my case, I also made an open-source project, you can check this out here!

Be yourself, also In coding.

The last but not least, being yourself is a core part of your journey as a developer, you need to have a unique personality, following obviously the "common" best practices, but also, give to the world some of your great ideas or suggestions, helping the developer community grow bigger than it has ever been.

Thank you for reading this article, I really appreciate it.

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